Canadian Cur


The Canadian Cur breed was developed by Larry Smith and Larry Rogers initially for racoon hunting.  Then in later year, people learned about its versatility and talents. The breeders wanted to develop a good hunting dog and at the same time, friendly and loyal companion to people. It was a mix of English Pointer and Boarder Collie. They continued to develop it and has been using it for hunting lions, bear, deer and coyote. It is also used for herding cows.


The Canadian Cur has  colors varying from black, black and white, tan, to black and brindle coat.
Its size ranges from 30-60 pounds. Many Canadian Cur have bobtails.


This breed is an excellent hunting dog and also makes a good pet. It is intelligent, attentive and has a strong physical attributes and remarkable stamina which likes to run around large spaces. It enjoys sports and outdoor activities. It also has a good tracking and treeing ability.


Cur breeds are generally genetically sound and healthy but can easily be affected by deafness and hip dysplasia. Cur breeders focused on developing their mental and physical ability to avoid certain diseases.