Finished Dog

Hunting with a Finished Dog

Bird hunting dogHunting for meat in the field is fun, exciting, and adventurous. As a safety rule, hunt with a companion.  Finished dog will not only be your best buddy, but it has great skills and traits to offer.  It is a type of dog that has been trained and well-taken care of in terms of nutrition and health to become a hunting partner. With few months or years of training from a professional breeder, he is prepared to tackle the upland hunting and definitely to be a smart hunter.  Take note of these few tips on securing a quality finished dogs.

Certification of Good Health.  Good health should be secured because this is an indicator in how fit it is to work in the field.  Eyes should have the certification from the Canine Eye Registry Foundation (CERF)  in order to ensure that the breed dog is free from eye disease and breed susceptibility. Hip evaluation with a dog should be performed at the laboratories that are recognized by the Orthopedic Foundation Animal (OFA). This procedure is useful for easy detection of hip dysplasia in a particular breed.

Certification of training. Does it follow the first command?  Is it capable of staying behind and has the patience to wait until you command to pick up the downed bird? Does it sit down on the first shot or series of gunfire? Is it flexible enough to travel from one State to other? If you can have the confidence to say YES to all questions, you are on the right track to own this breed.

Records of bloodlines. Prospective buyers have the right to know the pedigrees.  This valuable information allows the owner secure the desired bloodlines that are relative to its genetic make-up and other desirable traits.  The record has also information that can be used to verify health issues with the breeder.

Training Techniques.  The pricing or value of the breed depends on the level of training it has gone through.  For the first and second years, finished dog is handled by the professional dog trainer or a breeder.  It is necessary that a package of training modules will be explained and demonstrated to the new owner. This is of great help for dog’s adjustment with the new trainer or owner.  A well-trained dog deserves to have a professional training.  So take the effort to learn from the breeder.

As you go on your own to a hunter’s valley, you will never feel alone when a loyal and obedient finished dog tags along with you.  You are his master, so think big on what he can become. By taking note of the recommended information, you will be happy with the quality of your hunting partner and with your investment. Enjoy a safe hunting!