Black Mouth Cur Dog

Black Mouth Cur Dog History:

The Black Mouth Cur Dog was brought to North America by colonists as the British hunting dog.  The European bloodlines and pedigree were still unknown.  The breed dog can easily lose or leave quarry that often found refuge up a tree.  It had been grown to hunt for rabbit, red fox, badger, and deer in less forested terrain. The Cur was coined to describe a general term for short-coated, drop-eared, farm, and ranch buddy dog.   Initially, the black mouth Cur dog was a herding dog that is skillful and capable of hunting big or small game.  However, it can also be suitable as a family dog.


Its physique fits the job of a hunting dog.  It is a well-muscled hunting and all around work dog.  The coats vary in colors and shades.  It generally exhibits red, yellow, fawn, brown, or buckskin.  The standard of the United Kennel Club reported that up to ten percent of the coat color may be white which can be partially distributed a small amount on the chin, around the nose, on the neck, toes, tail, tip of the tail, and chest.  It can have presence or absence of muzzle, a square-shaped melanistic mask which is generally black. Other features of Black mouth’s lips, ears, tail, feet, pads, and toes.  Black mouth pertains to a formation of dark pigmentation around the lips that can be extended into the interior of the mouth.  This includes the roof of the mouth, gums, and cheeks but excluding the tongue.   The ears are medium-sized and can be either melanistic like the muzzle or it possesses similar coat color.  The tail can be of any length: long, medium, bob- tailed or none at all. The feet are of medium size, compact and well-arched.  Pads are large, hard, and soft with toes may be webbed.  Single or double dewclaws can be present.


It is energetic, flexible, and skillful.  It is easily trained to work in the field and hunt in the forest.  When exposed to socialization, the breed can be groomed to be more friendly, loving, and jolly that perfectly fit to be a family dog.


The breed has a litter of 3-12. Its lifespan ranges from 12 to 18 years. The adult weight is depending on the line from 35 pounds minimum for tree dogs to 50 pounds and over a hundred pounds for herding or hog dogs. Their height can be least of 16 inches tall. Males in the same lines are normally larger than females.