Rat Terrier

Rat-TerrierRat Terrier History:

The crossing of Fox Terrier, Bull Terrier, Manchester Terrier, and an Old English Terrier was believed to be the result of the Rat Terrier breed. In the early times, a record of the Rat terrier was recovered from the flagship of Henry the III and Mary Rose. English people called them “Face” in the 1820s because of their spirited nature when going after their prey.


The Rat terrier comes in different sizes and colors. They are always bicolor or tricolor with the white present. They have strong shoulders, muscular legs, and deep chests. Rat Terriers have smooth and short coats made up of very dense and very shiny fur.

Ear carriage is erect.  His ears can be made tipped or button which is an expression of being alert and smart. The tail has been traditionally cropped to about 2 to 3 inches. The weight of this breed dog ranges from about 10 to 25 pounds and stands 13 to 18 inches at the shoulder.


Rat Terriers are less aggressive than Jack Russells. They have a definite personality and possess an “off switch” and these dogs love lounging on the sofa and their often lap dogs.


They are prone to certain types of allergies such as food allergies, contact allergies, and inhalant allergies. They are prone to Patellar Luxation, Demodectic Mange as well as to dental problems. The average lifespan of a Rat Terrier is 15-18 years and due to regular out crossings in the Terrier’s History, it has become a very hardy breed.