Spanish Water Dog

Spanish WaterSpanish Water Dog History:

The Spanish Water Dog is believed to have originated in Turkey, and, later on, was imported to Spain, where it primarily served as sheep guards. It was also developed to assist hunters in finding and retrieving birds, most of the time. The Spanish Water Dog also shares some common characteristics with the Portuguese Water Dog, French Barbet and the Irish Water Spaniel.


This breed appears medium in size and slightly longer than tall. Their head is very strong and elegantly carried. The nose, eye rims and paw pads are the same color as the darkest part of the coat or darker. The eyes are wide apart. Coat color varies from hazel, chestnut, dark brown, solid black, beige, brown, or white. Its coat is very curly and woolly in texture The ears are set at medium height on the skull, and are triangular.


The Spanish Water Dog is diligent, loyal, affectionate, and intelligent. They have very strong guarding instincts, leading them to become the guardians of homes. SWDs thrive on work and play. They excel at any number of tasks due to their athleticism and extremely hard working nature leads. They can be wary of strangers. Good socialization at an early age greatly helps them, especially with small children.


During recent tests, it has been discovered that they can experience hip dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy (prod-PRA), hypothyroidism, Addison’s disease, Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, Allergies, Cataracts, and Congenital hypothyroidism with goitre (CHG). Its life span is said to extend up to 14 years.