Welsh Terrier

Welsh-TerrierWelsh Terrier History:

The Welsh Terrier, also known for its nicknames Welsh and WT was primarily from Wales. To begin with it was bred to hunt fox, rodents, and badger. However, during the last century, it was bred for showing. Even if this was the case,  it has still possessed its strength of a real terrier. According to research, the Welsh Terrier is the oldest existing dog breed in the United Kingdom. Since this breed was initially used as a working dog, it was a latecomer at the British show-ring. As a matter of fact, it was only registered as a breed until the 19th century. Right now, it is listed in the UK Kennel Clubs as an endangered breed. Every year, there are only around 300 puppies registered. Compared to other popular breeds, there are tens of thousands registered annually.


On the head, the Welsh terrier is colored tan. As for the legs and underbelly, it is colored black. As for the female terriers, they have a darker tan all over.This breed is strong and firm even if it is considered as a medium sized dog. It can grow up to 15.5 inches and weigh up to 22 pounds. As for the body, it has a rectangular shape. The face looks like a brick. Thus, it was formed by the whiskers and the beard. The hair has two layers. The undercoat serves as an insulator. The fur on the top, on the other hand, serves as a shield against dirt, rain, and the wind. During the Welsh Terrier’s first year, they are mostly all black. As they grow older, they change to the typical black and tan grizzle.


The Welsh Terrier has a typical terrier nature. It can be happy, cheerful and occasionally bashful. On the other hand, they can have an attitude. Generally speaking, a Welsh Terrier is friendly with people and other dogs. Nevertheless, when a challenge is recognized, it will not back out.  This dog can function as a city dog or as a country dog.


Since the body of the Welsh Terrier is normal and healthy, it can be durable and lasting. Although studies have shown that they may have lens luxation. As a result, it may lead to secondary glaucoma. The average life span of a Welsh Terrier is 12-13 years. If well taken care of, it will stay active and alert even if it has reached an old age.