HISTORY: kemmer-stock

Robert Kemmer bred together the best cur dogs and line bred them to get the characteristics he wanted for a dog. The result was the Kemmer Stock Mountain Cur that has outstanding hunting and treeing abilities.  This breed of dog is strong, fearless and courageous fighters on wild game like bear and boar. They are protective, easily trained and tend to form strong bonds with their family.


Kemmer Stock Mountain Curs come in variety of colors – black, blue, yellow, blonde, white and variations of color. They have broad deep chest and smooth or rough coat with soft undercoat. They have strong muscled legs which are set for speed. Its height is 12-18 inches tall and weighs 20-30 pounds.


This breed can be easily trained to be a good hunting dog. It gets along well with kids. It is very friendly, active, and alert. It has a strong desire to please their master, but it demands for attention and care.


The breed is generally considered to be resilient in diseases, and it is known to have a very long life span between 12-16 years. Skeletal and visual problems may occur in this breed. Owners are advised to have their pets tested to identify potential health defects before they show up.