HISTORY: leopard

There are many theories being connected to the origins and development of Leopard Cur, but they were not yet fully established. One theory states that it was a crossbred of Spanish and American dogs. Second, this theory claimed that it was created by crossing hound and herding dogs. The American Leopard Hound is very versatile in hunting a variety of game species like squirrel, bobcat, bear and even cougars. Intelligence is one of the American Leopard Cur’s best attribute.


The Leopard Cur comes in yellow, tan, black, brindle and combination of colors. Its name is lifted from its color pattern which is called harlequin or leopard spotted. Female Leopard Cur weighs 45-65 pounds while male is 50-70 lbs. It can be tough and can run and hunt so many miles without getting so tired and without obtaining foot sore.


This breed is affectionate and loving toward its family. It is very caring and protective of children, and it can even play with them, too.  It is noteworthy for being a very smart dog and easy to train.


Double-merle (spotted) dog is often outstanding with this breed on his body.  However, it is proned to hearing and sight impairment. It has the ability to  survive in both extreme cold and hot weather.