HISTORY: parnells

Mountain Cur is a combination of Curs brought by immigrants from Europe to America and American native curs. It produced excellent treeing dogs which is also superb bay and trailer dog. This breed is very flexible and could adjust very well in any living conditions whether in the remote mountains and isolated swampy areas. Curs are loyal and protective of their family. Although friendly and could make a good companion, it is still best suited for hunting and not in the home.


Mountain Cur has short coat which comes in brown, yellow, blue and brindle. It usually has bobtail, and other  cur dog has white patches on the face or chest.


Mountain Cur is tough and courageous dog. It is always ready to protect their masters and family. It should always be out working or they will grow irritated and bored. When it is busy, it is  happy and very focused. It gets along well with children and other pets.


There are no reported specific health issues for this breed. Mountain Cur’s life expectancy can live up to 14-16 years.