HISTORY: mountain-view

The Mountain View Cur was developed from the Mountain Cur by Michael and Marie Bloodgood in the United States during the 1980s and .  It was bred specifically for hunting, tracking, and treeing game such as squirrel and raccoon. The Mountain View Cur is both useful for being a watch and guard dog.


A female Mountain View Cur usually weighs about 35-45 pounds while the average male is 45-55 pounds. They stand 18-26 inches tall. Ninety percent of this breed are blond to dark yellow in color while the other 10 percent are all brindle, all black, or both black and brindle. Most of them have white points on the chest, feet and/or muzzle. Some of them were born bobtailed and some are docked at a few days old.


Mountain View Curs are known to be very protective of the property and family. However, they do not have the tendency to be over protective or aggressive. They enjoy playing with kids and have an outstanding temperament. They will always try to please their caretaker in every way that they can.


Mountain View Curs are known to be a very healthy breed.  They can live up to 14-16 years.  In fact, no breed-specific health issues have been reported.