HISTORY: parnells

The Carolina Cur was developed by James Parnell of Hartsville, South Carolina for the purpose of hunting squirrels. He wanted to produce an easy to handle and friendly hunting dog, so he started breeding a combination of Stock Mountain Curs and Mountain Feists. The first breed of Carolina Cur was born in 1998. James Parnell produced a good breed of dogs that have the characteristics he wanted in his breed. This breed quickly was noted to be an excellent squirrel dogs and later was called as Parnell’s Carolina Cur.


Carolina Cur’s height ranges from 12-23 inches tall. Its weight ranges from 15-35 pounds. It has slender and muscular body with deep chest. The eyes are either black or brown in color. The tail is low-set and natural bobtail. The coat is short and either coarse or smooth.


Parnell’s Carolina Cur breed is notable for being highly intelligent and can be easily trained. It can hunt very well at an early age and has strong treeing ability. It is very fast, smart and confident and is always hunting with heads up.   When it comes to tracking trails, this breed is very reliable.


This breed is generally considered to be excellent in health.  Also, it is known to have a long life span although some conditions have been identified with this breed such as visual problems  like cataract and retinal atrophy and other diseases such as elbow and hip dysplasia.  Its life expectancy is between 12-16 years.