HISTORY: plott

The breed was developed by Jonathan Plott in the 1750’s and is reported to be a mix of Bloodhounds and Curs. It is known to be the only American Hound without British ancestry. It was bred specifically for hunting and tracking purposes.


Plott Curs have prominent brown and hazel eyes. They have short, smooth, fine and glossy coats that are usually black or brindle in color. Some of them have white spots around the chest and feet. Their feet have webbed toes and they have hanging ears which are broad-set and medium in length.


Plott Curs are very loyal and provides good company. They are also notable to be highly-intelligent. They are fast learner, quickly to love, and playful with children. They are also courageous, determined and proud which make them good hunters.


Plott Curs are p to gastric torsion and life-threatening twisting of the stomach because they eat large amount of food quickly. Also, they need a lot of physical exercise which includes a daily, long, brisk walk or jog.