HISTORY: stephen-stock

The Stephen Cur was originally developed by the Stephen family in Southeastern, Kentucky. It is used for hunting squirrels, raccoons and wild boars. Also, it is used in assisting their owners in the capture of large prey such as mountain lions and bears. It is a dog breed that is responsible for producing an excellent squirrel hunting dog known as the Parnell Carolina Cur.


The Stephen Cur is usually dark grey or black with white markings on the chest, neck, and feet. The breed has brown or dark-colored eyes and dome-shaped head with a short muzzle. It has  medium-sized dog with deep broad chest and either smooth or rough coat. Its height is between 16-23 inches and weighs 35-60 pounds. It also appears to be very athletic and move so quickly.


This breed is playful, friendly and can get along well with children. Like other dogs, Stephen Cur is loyal to the members of its human family. It can easily be trained and tolerant of other dog breeds.


Stephen Cur may suffer from health problems that are typical with any other dogs.  These include deafness, blindness and dental anomalies. No specific disease for this certain kind of breed has been noted so far.